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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alohaa?

Alohaa is a new-age cloud telephony service that offers a variety of communication solutions to help your business enhance its productivity.

How can Alohaa help your business?

Alohaa gives you the firepower necessary to manage multiple mobile numbers and assign them to your team members or clients, all via a single interface. You no longer need to struggle with juggling between physical SIM cards. With our competitively priced plans and ability to only pay for the features you require, Alohaa has something for everyone - you can be a  huge enterprise or a new entrepreneur, we are here to assist you build something great.

What are the plans available in Alohaa?

We offer a whole suite of cloud telephony solutions, a few of which are:

1) Call forwarding and recording
2) Outbound calling
3) Automated Call Assignment (you can set up a support line in a few minutes using this)
5) Call Logs API
6) Custom IVR
7) Greeting Messages and Caller Tunes. All of the cloud telephony features can be subscribed to as an add-on to the basic plan.

What platforms can Alohaa be used on?

Presently, we offer a web interface.

Will it be possible to receive recordings of the calls placed to the virtual mobile numbers?

Yes, with the add-on feature of "Call Recording" or "Outbound calling", call recordings are provided at no extra cost.

Can a feature be customized?

Custom solutions are taken on a case-to-case basis depending on the feasibility and effort involved from our side. Having said that, do not hesitate to reach out to us for custom solutions.

How many admins/users can access an Alohaa account at the same time?

At present, Alohaa only supports 1 admin. However, any numbers of users may be added by the admin and all of them can login to their accounts with their own unique credentials.

Once we are ready to purchase Alohaa, what is the process to activate and access my account and numbers?

Once, you have finalized your requirements with the sales team and sign the agreement, we can have your account up and running in under 30 minutes. After your account is created from our end, you will receive an invitation email with a unique link that can be used by you to create your password. After password creation and OTP verificaiton, you can login to your account and get started.

Should I get a mobile app to use for Alohaa?

We do not have a published mobile app at present. You can however access the dashboard via any web browser.

How do I change my company logo on the dashboard?

You can reach out to support@alohaa.ai and our team will assist you.

What are all the permissions 'users' gets when I add them to my Alohaa account?

Every user onboarded by you has the SMS inbox is viewable by default. Depending on the add-ons that you have purchased, you can enable features like call forwarding and outbound calls for your users.

What happens in the case of my balance running low?

You can reach out to support@alohaa.ai and our team will assist you.

Do I get to call any number from Alohaa?

Yes, you will need the outbound calling add-on feature enabled for your account for this. Please note that international calling is not yet available at the moment.

How does outbound calling work with Alohaa?

The outbound calling feature can only be accessed by the users of the account and not an admin. An admin can however, control which users can access the feature

- To use the feature, the user can simply click on the outbound calling CTA in green on the top left-hand side of the panel, enter the destination number and choose a conference number. And click 'Call'.

- The user will receive a call from the chosen conference number and if the user answers the call, then a call is placed to the destination number entered in the above step.

Can the calls get routed to team members?

Yes, with the priority routing feature it is possible to route calls to internal team member(s) in the order of priority set by the account admin.

How do I know if Alohaa is for me?

Anyone who needs a virtual number for their business could subscribe to Alohaa. If in doubt, write to support@alohaa.ai and we will reach out to you. Or you can book a demo with our sales representative here

I need a demo before I get started, can I get it where do I write for that?

Click here to directly schedule a demo session with our sales team, else write to us at support@alohaa.ai

What is the registration process, how long will it take?

The registration process starts with providing information about your business and doing a KYC via an order form. It takes less than 60 minutes to complete the process.

Do I have to submit KYC for this?

Yes, KYC is Mandatory.

What are the KYC documents required?

We need a government issued identity proof (Aadhar / PAN Card / Driving Licence / Ration Card / Voter Id / Passport) and Address Proof (Aadhar Card / Electricity Bill / Credit-card Bill / Passport)

Are there any special program for start-ups?

No, we presently do not have any program for Start-ups. Reach out to us anyway if you have something in mind.

For how many days will my account balance be valid for?

The account balance will be valid based on the plan/validity agreed to during the initial subscription period.

What will be the calling charges?

Our calling charges start from ₹0.50/min.

What are the method in which I can upload my users numbers?

Manual upload and bulk upload using CSV file format

How can I delete the call and SMS logs

There is presently no option to delete these logs.

Can I get an option to download the call and SMS logs in a format of my choice?

You can presently only download your logs as a CSV file.

My balance is running low, where can I find the add balance option?

You can reach out to support@alohaa.ai and we will assist you.

Does Alohaa provide any kind of open APIs?

No, we do not provide such APIs. We do however provide powerful call and SMS log web-hooks that can help you integrate with your platform.

How do I report any issue with the service?

Please write in to support@alohaa.ai and we will get back to you soon.

How fast can Alohaa fix issues?

We try our best to make sure our service is interruption free but if there are any disruptions we will make sure to fix it as soon as we can.

Do I have to provide any data to Alohaa to troubleshoot any issues?

Depending on the issue you are facing we may need your assistance with the logs, screenshots of your dashboard or live testing with the team working on the issue. We try to ensure that we do not have to disturb you for these but if provided, they help us resolve the issue quicker. Your cooperations would be greatly appreciated here.