Scale your social media accounts with virtual mobile numbers

Alohaa provides on-demand virtual mobile numbers that can be used to create social media, WhatsApp accounts or to manage OTPs for authentication

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Some of our client favourite features

View SMS sent to all numbers in one place

Easy to use dashboards with insights

Initiate phone calls directly from the dashboard for ease of accessibility.

Receive SMS via an API. Seamlessly integrate with your systems

Greet customers with caller tunes

Create groups & arrange the order in which the calls are received.

Access numbers from a single screen for easy user access management.

Invite team members easily through the user-friendly dashboard.

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Manage your virtual numbers with your easy to use dashboard

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Get started in no time with our minimalist dashboard design!
Dark mode included!


Testimonial Image

Alohaa made the process of opening, handling and maintaining social media accounts much easier than before. Alohaa was a perfect solution for us since it is easy to get virtual numbers as per our increasing requirements over time and numbers can be remapped between users at the click of a button.

Soumyadip Choudhury

Group Editor, Network18
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We are saving 90% of the costs involved in procuring physical SIM cards and 10x increase in the efficiency by switching to the virtual mobile numbers provided by Alohaa

Jay Modi

Product Manager, DoctorC
Testimonial Image

Handling physical SIM cards was not possible at the scale we wanted to operate at. Alohaa made it simple with Virtual mobile numbers that are integrated with a cloud SMS Inbox. Making it seamless to maintain mobile numbers at scale.

Pankit Gupta

Product Manager, Shiprocket
Testimonial Image

After Whatsapp started its business offering, a number was required to activate the META account for clients. As a platform, we don’t want our users to drop off from the signup flow citing unavailability of a mobile number. With Alohaa, we have seen an increase of 4x customer signups.

Parth Kapoor

Customer Success Manager, Wigzo

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