December 22, 2023

The Ultimate Guide for Using a Business Virtual Phone Number for OTPs in India

The Ultimate Guide for Using a Business Virtual Phone Number for OTPs in India


One Time Passwords, better known as OTPs, are used to validate single transactions or sign in attempts. They gained popularity over regular passwords because these OTPs are unique to each transaction and don’t have to be remembered. They also make every transaction more secure since a fixed password could easily be misused, especially when a lot of people have access to business accounts. This is why businesses entering into a large volume of transactions often use OTPs regularly.

Businesses could need OTPs for verifying a new account on platforms like WhatsApp. They could also need OTPs to sign in to various other portals where a two factor authentication has been enabled. Managing a large number of OTPs for different types of transactions could get very tedious for businesses, especially because OTPs are received on phone numbers. These numbers can only be linked to one device at a time. However, virtual phone numbers for businesses in India solve these issues easily!

Here is where virtual phone numbers could transform the way businesses in India use and manage their OTPs.

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

A virtual phone number is not bound to a particular device through a physical item like a sim card. Through a virtual number like Alohaa, you can manage all the messages from the dashboard itself which entirely removes the dependency on physical sims and phones. You can even make calls from your virtual numbers through the Alohaa dashboard or the upcoming mobile app.

Businesses can receive calls from their customers across the globe, regardless of where their head office is. Instead of a sim card or a phone, virtual numbers use the Voice Over Internet Protocol technology to make calls and messages. This is also the same technology that supports iMessage, WhatsApp, or Google Voice.

A virtual phone number can be used just like a regular phone to send SMSes and calls. It is typically a ten-digit number that can be shared with everyone and linked with banks or even delivery-based platforms like DTDC from which businesses might need to receive OTPs.

Seamlessly Manage OTPs

By using a virtual phone number, businesses can manage their OTPs with ease. Here’s how!

  • Marketing Agencies: Agencies often have to create and manage multiple social media accounts for their clients. It may be a hassle and extremely disruptive to always ask the client for the OTPs to create and get access to an account. With virtual numbers, marketing agencies can create unique accounts for their customers and offer a continuous service to their clients.
  • Aggegator Platforms: Often, aggregator platforms link the service providers and customers through platforms like WhatsApp where the communication is easier. Be it a dietician or a personal coach or even a freelancer, communication is key to retain both the customers and the service providers. Using virtual numbers, the aggregator platform can easily give access to service providers without the need for the service provider to disclose their personal numbers. This way, the customers also won’t get to contact the service provider directly and a seamless communication channel will always be available for both parties involved.

There’s more! Do you have a business that benefit from using virtual numbers? Here’s how having virtual numbers can help your business grow!

  • Travel around the world without worrying about carrier charges: With a virtual phone number, you can be anywhere in the world and still have complete access to important OTPs that are received on your virtual phone number. Now, a fully remote team can seamlessly manage effective internal communication like accessing OTPs hassle-free.
  • No need to use different sims: Even if you have shared different virtual numbers on different platforms, you can view all your OTPs through a single dashboard from anywhere. This way, all your different divisions can be authenticated with different numbers and yet receive the OTP on a single platform. Platforms like Whatsapp require unique numbers to access different accounts through which businesses reach customers. Platforms like Alohaa provide curated business access with the option of using multiple virtual phone numbers without having to purchase different sims. All of these numbers can be accessed through one dashboard. Virtual numbers could help businesses with a dedicated customer support division and/or a marketing division facilitate optimum cross-functionality while reducing dependency on others to manage OTPs.
  • Easy Segregation: Virtual numbers help you seamlessly track OTPs and separate them from all the other messages and easily change the device that receives the OTPs without having to physically change any sim. This could help businesses stay focussed and keep their internal processes organised.

Parting Thoughts

A business may use OTPs as part of a two-factor authentication method for many important platforms like banks, subscriptions, accounting software, etc. Managing the OTP process with ease could save businesses a lot of time and effort and help them conduct their business with ease.

Having one sim-free virtual phone number could solve a lot of issues for businesses in India that go even beyond receiving OTPs.

Get your hands on Alohaa’s virtual phone numbers and watch your business transform!

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